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Are you getting bored to see plain walls in your room? Some people have a habit to paint their room with different color to get some change. But how often you can do this? It is very difficult and expensive process. So we are here for you with best, creative and modern wall decoration ideas, to provide impressive look to your room.

Wall Art stickers:

Wall stickers are the best option for you, especially for renters who don’t want to spend money for wall paint. They want to provide modern look to their home. So, wall stickers can mimic architectural features like stone, brick, or windows. Stickers are easily removable, cost-effective and suitable for rooms. It is very easy to apply on walls anywhere like bedroom, living room, kitchen and workplace also. There is no need to hire painter to fix stickers, you can stick them on your own. Here we are showing variety of amazing ideas like wall stickers which will enhance the beauty of your place. Remember these stickers don’t leave any drop of color on floor like wall paint and after removing, you will not face dirty walls.

Wall Art painting:

Painting is an artwork using color on a paper or canvas. Color may be in wet form such as paint or dry form like pastels. It will act like furnishing touch to your walls. Color and texture of wall paintings defines many things about owner’s ideologies. For example, some people like to put motivational quotes, kids like cartoon painting, couples like romantic wall paintings, religious people give preference to the paintings. These paintings express their religion values and history etc in their surrounding area. Actually, in these days, people love change. They love to see new things around them; the most important thing is people are judging each other on the basis of one’s living style. Have a look on our modern wall art painting ideas which will suit your personality but also in your budget.

Wall Art hanging:

Art hanging is a decorative piece (not placed in a frame) for walls made of variety of material like wool, natural fiber etc. Wall art hangings are inexpensive and easy to hang with the help of nail and hammer. You can also use adhesive hooks or hanging strips for it which makes it so easy to adjust height and position. Additionally, you will play with different combinations of pictures in a short amount of time.

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