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People celebrate special days like birthday, anniversary or festivals to add more colors in life. Some people go outside and organize their parties in restaurants. Whereas others want to host surprise parties at their own space. It is the appreciable idea to decor your home on such kind of special occasions and gives surprise to your loved ones. If you are planning to make it but don’t know how to do it. Hey, don’t worry. We are here to assist you with plenty of decorative items to celebrate special occasion and set the mind-blowing party hall decoration.

Before you start to purchase items for decorations, space is the first point to consider. Measure the length and width of the hall where you want to host a party. Secondly, entrance where your loved ones will enter is must to decor in best way. As we all say that first impression is the last impression.

Entrance carpet:

If you organize your function in large space then choose colored carpet for entryway that will brighten up between your entrance wall colors. Don’t buy light color carpet if the color of your entrance walls is already light.

Theme Balloons:

Ballons are most important decorative items to celebrate special occasion. So, Buy balloons according to the event. If you are hosting for wedding anniversary, your valentine or Christmas party then you should go for red color balloons filled with glitter. If it is your kid’s birthday party, then go for multi-color balloons what he/she like. You can also purchase balloons in different shapes for example: alphabetical balloons and styles to impress your guests.

Decorative Pinwheels:

Make pinwheels of colored paper to decor table, walls or cake surroundings. Pinwheels are the best and inexpensive choice for kid’s birthday party.

Glitter, gift wrapper and jewels:

To decor roof of your hall, put some small pieces of gift wrapping paper in filled balloon and also decor birthday or anniversary candles with glitter and jewels which will be a wonderful decorative items to celebrate.

Special Photo Printing:

You can also paste some memorable photographs on walls or make a video of funny moments of honor’s life on TV Screen. Also add video clips of his/her friends in which they are sending best wishes to him/her on specific day. Believe me, it is a quite impressive idea to impress someone.

Guest Greetings:

In India, people say that guests are like God. We should give respect to them. All things are meaningless if you don’t treat your guests well. Always make a plan before starting the function who will welcome guests and how he/she will greet them.

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