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Hi, here is a list of few things which will definitely make your stylish living room .

Coffee Table: Coffee table should be put in front of sofa or couch. A matching glass table with rest of the interior adds more colors to make your stylish living room area classy. Thus, to choose a suitable size of the table you have to measure the length and width of your space.

Table Decoration: Put some books, a flower vase with fresh flowers and some other small size decorative pieces on table to make it attractive. Please don’t mess with these things. These decorative pieces should be arranged according to table space in stylish way.

Living Room Wall Mirror: To embellish corners of living era you can put wall mirror on wall. Most of the people like paintings on wall but here are some spaces where mirror will be more suitable to fix. We will provide many stylish mirrors in different shapes and color combination.

Lamp or Lighting: Chandeliers or pendant lights hanging from the ceiling is in trend. If you like lighting near sofa or a chair then a medium size golden classy lamp is the best deal for you and It will also help you to read and focus on things.

Hanging chair: You can enjoy some personal moments in living room with a beautiful hanging chair. In these days, people give preference to purchase furniture made of wicker because of its natural charm and comfort. So, you can take rest after a busy long day. Additionally, put a stylish matching cushion on this swing chair or you can also set these chairs for your children.

Plants in living room: Put some colorful plants in your living room. But, try to keep one thing in mind that their colors supplement the colors of living room’s interior design. Contrasting colors make your home look bright and stylish.

Secondly, tall plants must be put behind the sofa or couch and short size plants must be placed near the table or hanging chair. Thus, such kind of plants improve ambiance of your era.

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